A broken system

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Calipatri

The fundamental basis of one’s survival here in these trenches is the mainlining of one’s mental health, irregardless as to whatever dilemma we may face be it a life sentence, years upon years in solitary or as is the current state of all of our collective lives, the dangers of living with and through a pandemic the likes of which we’ve never faced: COVID!

In an already broken system, the challenge of survival in these current times, has been first, second, and third, in relation to the severity of this thing, as well as our own collective responsibility that we (the prisoners) has to keep in mind how utterly important it is for us, and us alone, to ensure we do all that can be done in our limited capacity to protect ourselves, as we know that 80% (give or take) of the personnel here will be just as careless in their own lives as are a large segment. Of the society are foolishly and recklessly negligent in protecting their own lives, and more importantly protecting the lives of those whom they profess to love.