Ambiguous at best

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Soledad.

Caller: I’m at CTF south. The COVID protocol here is, I don’t know, it’s ambiguous at best. They have, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven housing units, uh, including the gym. They utilize the gym for inmates who are housed here on this facility, who have contracted COVID, and they put them in the gym for a quarantine period, and then they keep them in there. Then, once they’re finished, whether, whether–it doesn’t matter what building you were in, what dorm you were in, they send you into dorm two after the quarantine.

So, uh, we all come out, um, we use the same telephones, but we disinfect them. There’s a disinfectant bottle provided. There have not been any new cases here. The only new cases are cases that came from different other, uh, parts of the institution, like they would send inmates here from central. And where they had a bad outbreak about a month ago, from central and north. And that is how COVID is being introduced on this yard, we haven’t had any actual–anybody testing positive that were actually on this yard. They–all of them were technically immigrants, so to speak.

I’m appreciative of what you guys are doing. Um, I really can’t speak badly about the state, and what they’re doing. Uh, it was hard. And actually, I live in a dorm–you’d figure that me living in the dormitory housing, that the, that it would spread easily here, but it hasn’t. It’s spreading quicker in, in the, in cell-living, in north facility and central facility. Uh, I really can’t explain that. It makes you wonder if it’s airborne, or is it going through the vents. As opposed us, everything is communal, there’s communal sinks, got communal toilets, you got communal urinals, uh, everybody touches the same water fountain, it’s uh. You would think that–it’s weird, that it hasn’t broke out here.

But outside of that, I’m appreciative of what you guys are doing. Um, and uh, just keep up the good work, I don’t know what you’re doing. I’m, I plan on–after 33 years, I plan on being released next year, God willing, and I, I’m gonna hit your guys’ website up, see what you’re about. Maybe I’m gonna be a part of the movement, but I, you know.

And then they found the vaccine and it’s workin’ its way down the pipeline, by the time it gets to us, hopefully they have some left. But outside of that, I hope you all take care.