Another San Quentin

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Soledad.

Over the past month there has been hundres of COVID infections within Central Facility – Soledad & lack of sence on how to address the situation.

The staff here have continually moved people from building to building, cross infecting large numbers of prisoners by doing so. Our building has even had positive staff infected. We know that COVID isnt coming from our prisoners. The staff have been bringing it inside.

I see on the television that CTF has reported numbers of infections that in no way match the numbers that we see inside here. They moved over one hundred people out of my building alone. They replaced those people with people whose cell mates have tested positive in a different building. Since then they’ve been moving infected people back out of my building. Wouldn’t you think that if someone’s roommate tested positive for COVID 19 that you’d wait to see if the other person came up positive before you moved them to a completely different building?

Maybe someone can tell Gavin Newsome what’s going on so he can fix it. This place needs to be locked completely down for a month & all of the staff tested with everyone else before it ends up turning into another San Quentin situation.