Black community

This story was told by a person incarcerated at San Quentin.

Caller: When we talk about – we talk about, like, the COVID-19, right, if you go back into history, we just didn’t have this name before because, I mean, you can go back into – all the way back into history where you see things that took place because if you look at the [unintelligible] that’s really being affected by this [unintelligible] like a lot, it’s like over 80 percent, it’s like the Latinx and the black community. So, like, now all these people are just dying because they don’t have a certain type of Medicare.

A lot of these people are dying, got 235,000 people that’s dead, but, like, half of that people – those people are – are people of color. So, I mean, how do we address this? Are we going to say that in time this is going to just go away, but, okay, it might go away, but, like, after what? A million people have died?

Like sometime we don’t – I mean, [unintelligible] listen to like the news on TV, and, like, you hear people saying, like, people, when you look at the person that come on TV, it’s like are you – are you a European person, and they say, [unintelligible] impression that this is really just only affecting Europeans. Like a – a 20-second sound byte to say, well, okay, [unintelligible] what they call, like, the frontline workers, [unintelligible] they are dying, but right now 40,000 people in those [unintelligible] have died.