Bleed green

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chino.

Dear UC Student,

I received your pre-written flyer last night. What this crap stories for the archives. Nobody gives a shit about what’s going on inside these walls unless they’re a family member.

Yes, I got screwed around and caught COVID-19 because the correctional officer didn’t have to wear masks per their union. And the first masks they did give us were rinky-dink prison-made B.S.

What I need is to not just hide in this cell and lay down. Boo hoo. Fuck that. I need a lawyer. They need to be hit back hard. Not by archives. But byy money, pay me for the negligence, the abuse, the turmoil they’re still putting me through.

So if you want to help get me, a lawyer. Let this place bleed green!

Happy holidays!