Caged behind glass

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Lancaster.

Truthfully, honestly, I do appreciate you taking the time and reaching out. During this pandemic I have been through a lot, being that I did catch the COVID and they had those who caught the COVID caged behind glass for a 14-day time period, longer if needed. They stopped all our communication with the groups we needed to better ourselves.

They took our visits. They say they are trying to keep us away from the COVID but still today their staff are still bringing it in. Before they say they were testing them, I can’t see it. Now here. Today we are back on modified program because of the coronavirus.

Crazy part is last week I was in the hospital and there were CO working who still had the virus. I overheard them saying they were positive but were allowed to work on the hospital callss. So these staff can still work passing the virus around and not care. We have lost a bunch of inmates here so far, I believe, and eight have died. Why? Because we aren’t safe.