Code of silence

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Tehachapi.


Green Wall


I have been at CCI State Prison, 06/2020.

On 06/2020, I was attacked by CO staff on B Yard. I was handcuffed by CO and escorted off the yard to R&R and SGT and about 10 CO staff. Taken through R&R door and was attacked once I and CO and SGT stepped in R&R. Other CO was there to block the attack from other staff like LVN and other free staff that are not CO staff they have the code of silence. CO and CO SGT attacked me, slamming my head on the wall about three times.

CO punched me on the right side ribs one time. SGT hit me across my eyes with the palm to one eye and finger hit my other eye. Both SGT and CO stood on both sides of me, so I face left. SGT hit me across the eyes and if I face the the wall to stop it once, CO slammed my nose to the wall, so I have to face left or right so SGT [redacted] or CO can strike my face. At this time I’m still handcuffed behind my back.

But it’s not over. ALL CO staff SGT and CO started walking me to a hallway. And CO punched me again in the right side two times. SGT and CO took me to a big cell, the beating cell, so no one but COs go there. They laid me face down and the beats started again. CO did the same thing to my right side face and SGT hit the left side of my face. If I look forward, hit the back of my head to the floor smacking my nose to the floor so I have to face left or right. CO punched me in the left eye and kicked me one time in the left eye, and SGT punched me in the left ear and kicked me on the top of my head about eight times, not hard to break the skin just to have a headache. CO hit me about six to eight times all over. At the end, CO took a step in to the face of the LVN. I said you’re going to write this as was hitting his head on the wall.

I know if I can give you the right to my records on this matter. Be if you can find out, send me all the paper to let you do so.

And I don’t have to be anonymous. I have nothing to hide. I would like to talk face-to-face to tell more about other beatings that go on at CCI by CO staff. I’m giving your address to others with stories like this.

And LT is one of them. So if talk to him, it will be BS.

This is called


PS: Please put my name with my story.

I’m in the hole so I can’t call weekdays. I can only call weekends every other week. Would like to talk to someone.