Concerns and changes

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chino.

Ever since the spread of the coronavirus started in this prison there were many concerns and changes. The virus affected correctional officers, staff members, and prisoners. More than 300 who are 65 and older have health problems were transferred to other prisons. San Quentin is one of the prison that many were shipped to, and the numbers of COVID-19 there increased after, so the transferring had to be stopped to prevent further problems.

During the commotion, tents and bathroom and showers were being put up outside, in the big yard, where we do our workout and exercises. I was definitely worried when I saw the nine tents in the yard. It made me wondered if I happened to move and had to live in a tent, out of being in a single-man cell that I’m so used to live in. I’m worried I wouldn’t get to move back to house in a cell again. Not that the thought of me catching the virus somehow have haunted me a little bit. I wouldn’t want to die in prison, like 20 something prisoners who have been misfortune by the outbreak.

The pandemic isn’t over yet. My building is still on quarantine as of right now, for the third time, and this time it’s longer the last two because one person tested positive and another also tested positive right before the two weeks of quarantine ends.