Courageous heart

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chowchilla.

Our nation went through a difficult year and crisis. Yet, I believe it could bring us in more unity and less diversion.

I have been incarcerated for nine years. Yet, nine years of training. Training to become a better person for society. I find this opportunity to voice what it has been like for me during this pandemic. I have the opportunity to delve into finding myself and finding rooted issues that have lead me to the actions that were mistakes.

In other words I’ve found freedom and healing. I’ve learned what I can extend to our nation, and that is change. Although it has been very difficult to not have visits nor have groups to rehabilitize ourselves and make it home quicker, it also has encouraged me to find what is really important.

Due to my spirituality it has caused me to not be afraid. To face these challenges with the most courageous heart and help other women find peace in the midst of such crisis. I wish I could say it’s like this from every woman in here but, that’s not the case. It breaks my heart to see so many women give up and have no desire of change. I’m here to be an example and maintain strength as an extended voice to give hope and light.

The lack of safety during this pandemic has caused a lot of disorder. It’s not easy but for me it’s a choice. A choice on the affects it will have upon me. I believe that things will get better and when they do I pray we do not forget what we went through.

I have been coping with my spirituality but also fixing my priorities and pondering on my objectives. My family and daughter is important. Yet helping other women is also very important for me. Being a woman’s advocate will not be easy upon me due to judgement. However, what God has called me to do will succeed.

I just ask that you maintain these women in prayer and continue blessing each and every lady by a simple word. We’re lost people that need guidance and encouragement. So when we find the light we are able to guide them out of darkness.

There is a lot of injustice in our world but we never really take the time to find the root of it and how we can really help.