Days of suffering

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Tehachapi.

Dear UCI student,

God bless you. Today I received your message regarding the pandemic inside of CDCR.

First I very appreciate all that you and your friends do in support of us inside, who are often times forgotten.

I myself had COVID. I was one of the very few inmates here that had to go out to an outside hospital for treatment.

Three days of suffering led me to the hospital. They are not handling it well. If your temperature isn’t 100, they do not want to treat you at all.

The no visitation is the worst part of it all. Being in here 20 years now, family is all that I have. Not having visits is taking a toll on my entire family. My wife is taking the hardest being that visits are all we had. Like in the rest of the world, we all are ready for this pandemic to be over.

God bless.