This story was told by a person incarcerated at Mule Creek.

Caller: I’m calling on behalf of all of the inmates here. I just was found positive for COVID-19, and I was taken out of my housing unit and put in this gym that houses 100-plus guys, which it was a deplorable. No cleaning supplies, no, you can’t socially distance yourself. There’s people everywhere. There’s so many health violations that is going on in here. They have these porta potties that they don’t even clean regularly. A shower every three days actually like I’m in ad seg like I’d done something wrong. In the whole 16 days that I was in here, I only got two showers.

UCI: Wow.

Caller: They never gave out. They gave me three masks in the 16 days that I was there, and we were supposed to get a clean mask every day. There’s so many different fire hazards in there. People are sleeping by the doors and all that. Let me see, I wrote down little notes.

UCI: Oh, yeah.

Caller: I never received my, when you become positive for COVID-19, you are supposed to get vitamin C and zinc and stuff like that. Never received it. There’s a handful of us that never received those pills. There’s officers and staff admittedly coming to work having COVID and that they’re not reporting it.

The bathroom that is inside of the gym, you’re not supposed to, you’re only supposed to stand up and use it. But people have to use the restroom, and they shut down the porta potty at 9:00. So, you will have to use that bathroom. So, there was, like, 15 people at 3:12 in the morning trying to use the restroom because there’s so many people using the bathroom all throughout the day, older guys, young guys.

They have two sinks, three total, but one is in that bathroom I told you about. But there are two sinks that everybody uses to not only get drinking water but brush their teeth and wash their clothes. There is no fresh linen at all. What they were doing to us, it was horrible.

UCI: Wow.