Deserve to know

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Donovan.

I had anticipated something like this happening here, and back in November had filed with the SD Superior Court on WRIT. But they dismissed my claimed as speculative!! And took no action!!! Human beings DIED!!

In the families that lost their loved ones DESERVE to know the truth! I will never stop until that truth is heard!!! We, all of us in CDCR, remain in at great risk (even if you have contracted COVID-19!!). There is NO IMMUNITY!! Your body only carries the ANTIBODIES for 90 to 120 days! Then you are susceptible ALL OVER AGAIN!!

Especially with the variants STRAINS!!! That vaccine I recommend people take. I almost died in MY CELL. But the truth is, THAT VACCINE ONLY GIVES YOU IMMUNITY for 120 to 150 days!!! From the time the LAST SHOT IS ADMINISTERED!! So you will have to take it TWICE EACH YEAR!! Which is double that of the FLU vaccine!!

So we need to start having serious conversations in SACRAMENTO about releasing offenders. Especially those of us that have been incarcerated some 27 to 30+ years and have paid full retribution for our controlling offense.

I am a non-violent offender (with absolutely no victim) sentenced to 27 to life back in 1994, for simple possession, not use!! I have done the work, been dispo-free now three years, yet got a seven-year denial (pre-COVID-19) back in 9-6-19. And when I petitioned the BPH, they denied the PTA within 72 hours of that time stamp!!!

It’s really incredible. These people are misrepresenting acts, lying to the media, and then blaming us after we have already done the time!!! It’s dehumanizing and lethal as they continue to play games with this virus. I wish everyone to be safe. PEACE.