Extremely bored

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Tehachapi.

Most of my days are spent inside of my cell reading books, and doing GED homework that gets sent to my cell. I don’t have a radio or TV at the moment, so I don’t know what’s going on out there in the world. Sometimes, I get extremely bored. The books help with that. I can’t physically go to the library because of COVID restrictions, so I use the half-decent book system they have, that consist of a bunch of authors and book titles and bar codes. I say it’s half-decent because it takes a week to receive your book. And then when your done it’s not like you could return it yourself, you have to wait for library people to come get it. And then you could only get one book. I’m done with that book in two days. So yeah I said half-decent but that might be too much praise.