Fear for my safety

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Solano.

UCI: How has what’s going on with you in Solano, how has it been affecting your loved ones?

Caller: Oh, it’s terrible. Of course, they fear for my life, and they fear for my safety. And of course my wife misses me terribly and wants to visit me, and friends and family can’t do that.

So, everybody, they’re afraid because they know there’s so many people. It’s so overcrowded in here that when an outbreak happens in a prison, there’s no way they can isolate the person or the people that they come in contact with, especially in an open dorm with ten or 12 people in a small dorm. It’s not possible. So, they worry about me a lot.

UCI: Yeah, it must have been very hard to not have visitation all this time.

Caller: Yes, and I’ve been going to – I’ve been married now. I just had my tenth anniversary, and I’ve been going to visitation for ten years consistently almost every weekend. And then all of a sudden just nothing. In the beginning, they started to – they had a pilot program where they were going to do the video camera thing, and I guess the video cameras didn’t work. They had some technical difficulties.

So, they scrubbed that, and now – they’re just now bringing it back. My wife was going to get a visit for next weekend, but she can’t because now I’m on quarantine. So, I haven’t seen her except through pictures and stuff.