Forced us to move

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Soledad.

Dear PrisonPandemic project,

I was granted parole October 2020. I am a three-striker and I am under a 120-day governor’s review. I tested positive on 11-23-2020.

Now allow me to explain how I got COVID-19. On 11-5-2020, my wing was tested for COVID-19. I was in cell 209 at this time, wing I had a cellie. We both came back negative. However, 87 other inmates came back positive.

So on 11-10-2020 in the morning, we were given that test that comes back the same day. My cellie and I come back negative. On 11-11-2020, we were told to pack up, we are moving to B-wing, I said that wing is on quarantine, and I don’t want to move over there. I was told if I don’t move I was gonna get a 115, and lose my date, so I pack up, and my cellie pack up.

When we got to B-wing, I asked for disinfector. I was there is none, other inmates told me they had just moved two inmates out there with COVID-19. I used soap and water to clean. On 11-17-2020, my cellie and I were tested again. He came back positive.

However, they did not inform us until 11-21-2020. However, the test came back 11-17-2020 11:15. I have two 602s in on this. Why would they have leave my cellie in that cell with me for four days, I don’t know. They tested me again on 11-23-2020. I come back positive. However, I knew it was because I started feeling bad.

I am 56 years old. However, I work out daily. I believe that is what saved me. I have taken 12 COVID-19 tests, 11 negative, the 12th came back positive because they forced us to move in that cell. And they had no regard for my life. How could they leave my cellie in the cell with me for four days, knowing I was negative on 11-17-2020?

They think they can do anything they want in here, because we poor. However, I’m going to court, I have two 602 in on the third level. They mad at me, so they gonna make me do the whole 120 day, I will have done the whole 25 years, 1-17-21, so I’m OK. Thank you for your concern.