Groups help

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Avenal.

UCI: How have you been coping with the crisis, like how you’re coping with this whole issue?

Caller: Myself, I’m enrolled in college, so I try to read and do coursework as much as I can and try to – so far I haven’t failed a class; you know?

So thankfully they’re – they’re still letting us go through correspondence college courses and they go through your – your groups that are necessary for you to better yourself, so I think that’s the way most of us have been coping in here.

UCI: That’s good. That’s good. There’s still programs available for you guys?

Caller: Yeah. The sponsors don’t come in from the – from them cities outside more because of the pandemic, but amongst ourselves we still hold, you know, self-help groups and attend them, you know, try to keep it as legit and professional as we could, you know?