Hella crazy

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Donovan.

Caller: Okay, well. This is hella crazy. I work in the kitchen here at R.J. Donovan, the facility A with a free staff lady. On or about the 8th of December, she got hella sick. So sick that she had, she, we’re in San Diego right, and she had to stand in front of the oven, turn all the way up to 500 degrees just to stay warm and she knew she was sick. Two days later, there’s a breakout on our yard, so bad that at least four people have died. Now, this lady, supervised the scoop over the food that was served to various inmates on this yard that got sick afterwards. Alright. Uh. I personally see a direct correlation between these two things. Uh. Just because I happen, I happen to see the whole process take, take, take effect. So, um, you know, anyways. Thank you.