Herd immunity

This story was told by a person incarcerated at San Quentin.

Caller: I don’t have any problem about telling my story because I think they should know about what’s going on over here because I don’t think the media or the outside really know exactly what’s taking place in here because, I mean, just last week they had two more positive cases in this wing right here. It’s – nothing being done to, like, track those people that – who they came in contact with because just days prior to that, that person was walking around in the building.

So, like, now once he – they, they swab us, and, okay, well, you – you tested positive, what about the people that he was living with or what about the peoples he came in contact with? So they took guys out, they took those guys out, but, like, now what about the people that the tracking system like who he came in contact with. So, like, it’s kind of like what they are doing in here right now is, like, something like that herd immunity that you hear on TV all the time.

Basically they’re saying that if you catch it and get well or you catch it and you die because there’s no – there’s no formal system that says, okay, we got – we got means to, like, to, like, kind of, like, stop this. Like right now, can you hear all the noise in here right now? This is supposed to be chow, but they supposed to be feeding, like, a tier at a time. But like now, it’s about, like, I don’t know how many people out there right now. And this is – this is what’s been taking place.

I mean, like, every week it’s, like, they got us like, you know, they are doing, like, west wing workers only work in the kitchen, and south and [unintelligible] and some of the other units, they got the units isolated but, like, those units that, it’s not really a system here. Like, it’s going to get, like, even worse right now because, like, December when it’s getting cold and stuff like this, it’s going to get worse because no one can go outside. We’re not really going outside a lot. You know, sometime like last week, we only went outside one time out of seven days.

You know, like, we were really just, like, confined –

We are being fined – confined to the quarters based on quarantine, but how that be quarantine when all these people out here just every day it’s just like tons of people just moving around, but then you say we’re on quarantine, but, like, if we on quarantine and – and these guys, they’re going to work, they’re coming in contact with each other, if you can find a means to, like, go out there and do that, especially [unintelligible]. Why can’t you figure out a way for me to see my family? I haven’t seen my family in a year.