Horrible here

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chowchilla.


I am a trans-male here at CCWF for two years now and I’m always open for questions and don’t want to be anonymous. I want the world to know who this is coming from. It will be a waste of history if I’m unknown.

Reach back out anytime.

What has it been like to be inside during this time?

For the past year, it has been horrible here. Basically, no movement. We come out for a little over an hour a day if that. The staff has been so disrespectful more than ever. It seems like they’re upset that they have to keep their masks above their nose. Losing my father June 1, 2020 was the killer overall. I will be going home next year to face the COVID in the free world. That’s what we call it here.

How do you feel about your safety inside?

I’m a trans-male and I’m tall and stocky so I’m not worried about a thing far as these women. These male staff here are woman beaters slamming girls down to the ground like glass bottle. A lot of females have dislocated arms. It is unsafe here and how can the warden allow these unacceptable things to happen? Some needs to be in trouble.

What has it been like to have reduced visitation from family and loved ones?

My mom was upset that she couldn’t see me this year. It’s cool, but everyone here is heated that they cannot see their kids and family, lovers and friends. It’s really sad and at this point CCWF needs to be shut down. God said it is over and his children must be set free.

And how have you been coping with this crisis?

GOD has walked with me through all of this and to keep me strong from flipping out going crazy and having bad behavior. I will be home 2021! And this too shall pass with the people I spent nearly a decade behind.