Hungry most days

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Ironwood.

Our food portions have become food rations. For example, for lunch we get 6 salted crackers, 1 pasteurized processed cheese, and a small bag of extremely salted sunflower seeds. We are given little access to purchase food from the prison canteen and most of us honestly are left hungry most days now, not just because of COVID but because prior to COVID this prison had cut down our food portions, added now with COVID it’s only been made worse.

Prison staff does their best to make us aware of COVID but a lot of guys here just don’t listen and continue to avoid warnings about social gathering in common areas within the prison. The only thing that scares me is that if I catch COVID, I know I will not receive any medical help because the prison health care system does not care about prisoner’s health. The “doctors” do not like giving us meds to battle the common cold, so why even consider help for COVID from them. Prison “doctors” are quick to give us antidepressants for any reason or opportunity, but we all still feel that COVID will not be defeated by antidepressants.

I wish we could be allowed to buy meds or be given meds to help with even the common cold but that will never happen as we prisoners are considered nonentities.