I am ready

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chino.

When I arrived here in Chino, this was a reception yard meaning that people come here in the start of their prison term, stay here for 90 days, get evaluated, and transfer to their destination. In other words, it was a transfer yard where people want to get to their housing where they could get situated and start their program.

So here I am in a phase I had already completed 11 years back. A lot of people were stressed out and with uncertainty in the air it just made things even worse mentally.

Especially with myself. I was just ready to leave especially because the air was becoming kind of thick. What I mean by that is coming from a place where respect is key to here the environment is just way different, like more loose and it was another adjustment I had to become used to on top of everything. Everything just seemed to be spiraling out of control.