In the room

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chowchilla.

It is very scary to know the virus is in the room and we are not allowed to leave. Even though we clean the room, I’m sure we didn’t get all of it. We are basically sitting here until we all catch it. What I think should happen is someone who is certified in cleaning should come and properly cleaning it.

Now we are only allowed to shop 55 dollars instead of our normal 220 we usually shop. This is devastating because we already are under the stress of being locked down all day. And now we have to budget buying food and hygiene for the month.

The food is nasty so we have to fall back on canteen. We cannot go outside because our building is quarantine. I have not gone outside in over a month. I do not think this is right. We need fresh air as human beings. We are breathing in recycled air.