Isolated environment

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at High Desert.

To be honest with you, I didn’t feel this prison is handling the pandemic adequately to ensure the safety to the inmates from the COVID-19 virus! It’s strange to me and many others on how the virus reach us in this isolated environment?

Also when people were getting tested for COVID-19, this prison did not organize properly on how to keep infected people isolated from others that weren’t infected! They even tested me a couple times, which I’ve kept all my test results. And I’ve got results saying I didn’t have it, then saying I was negative again, then saying I was positive!

Then after they claimed I was clear from isolation of 14 days, they never came back to test me to see if I am or was still infected with Covid-19?! So really I don’t know what to think about this process?!

I will be getting out around May 2021, but I will be homeless, so I’m concerned about getting the virus again and be in a worst predicament then I am in now. I do know that threw the newspeople in prisons and some states county jails are dying from this virus, but there are truly no outlets to bring to light and keep in the eye of the public about what’s going on with this pandemic inside the United States prisons.

Nobody’s calling asking for numbers!! I know that they put prisons in the third tier for the distribution of the vaccines, but is there anyone out there keeping up with infections and the death rates going on in the U.S. prisons!?

All we’re allowed to do is shower every three days and make phone calls every three days. Besides that, we’re in our cells trying to stay positive and keep my sanity. Well that’s what I’m doing. I read and watch TV, but my mind is juggling thoughts of wanting to get my life on track so I can get off parole, get a job, and obtain a place to live.