Lacked compassion

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chowchilla.

One of my roommates tested positive for COVID. That’s how this started. We get down there and find out that there’s more than one person positive, there’s several at that time unbeknownst to our population’s knowledge.

Anyway my 602 complaint focused on the treatment I received while back there by the nurses, the technicians, and mental health doctors. It lacked communication, it lacked compassion, when I would ask about my health and the chances of me contracting the virus since I’ve been placed in a housing unit for alleged safety with several positive cases. And they’re irritated with me for being concerned about my safety. When health care fail to properly dispose of their PPE after attending to the positive inmates then yes I have an opinion about it. Which will cause retaliation from correctional staff if not careful! Keep in mind I had to place 602 grievances to both medical and security sides of it.