Mental health not cool

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Tehachapi.


My name is [redacted] and the reason for this letter is a response from the note I received about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Well I’m housed at CCI California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi. This pandemic has taken a toll on some inmates. We only get yard every four days and that’s if they want to run the yard for us. There is one thing I did notice that mental health is not cool. People will have issues and it will take mental health one week to see them. And there’s a mental health doctor who has an attitude. When she does see you she gives you attitude.

Also you ask how do I feel about my safety? Well that I can say I do feel good about my safety. They’re doing a good job about that.

Now about the visitation from family and loved ones. I’ve been managing not seeing my family or loved ones. As long as we get to use the phone it’s been ok.

I been coping with this crisis pretty well. I been reading a lot of books and working out. Also I been working on myself.

Also what kind of programs do you offer or what can you help us with?

Well, I hope this can help you.

Thank you for your time!