Mental side effects

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Ironwood.

Caller: Hi. I’m in Ironwood State Prison and I’m consistently watching the detrimental mental health effects that inmates are suffering from the coronavirus from not being able to have visits with their family. Whether they be contact or Skype visits. Continually things are taken away from the inmates here and it has tons of mental side effects. Morale is down. Actually, the only thing that has been given to inmates during this time is now they hand out these drug scripts free.

That hey if you want them, you can have them, just go line up. So, now all kinds of people are becoming drug addicts again. And people are rolling out from drug deaths. It’s horrible watching what people are going through because they’re falling to a crutch now. Please help us. Please speak up for us.

Inmates need visits, whether they be Skype or in person. It’s a very important part of rehabilitation and helps people address their character defects. Please speak up for the inmates. A lot of them are in a position where they can’t speak up for themselves.