Missed being outside

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chino.

I missed working and being outside of this building for several hours doing something. I’m lucky to stay disciplined of working out, exercising, and how convenient it is that my building has a mini yard for me to run (I love running), 30 to 54 laps – about three to five miles, every morning at 9. Running keeps my body, mind, and spirit healthy, COVID proof.

Quite a few options I have in my cell. I can read – Take Me With You, by Catherine Ryan Hyde – a very good book, I can watch TV, or I can study my courses for business – my plan is to own a small business of an animal shelter in the future. You wouldn’t believe if I tell you that there are cats living in front of my building, yes, they are very loving adorable creatures God created, and I’m weak when I see them, or even think of them, so I feed them with canned goods – tunas and chickens, I bought at the store. Listening to music, radio, having coffee with donuts early morning after I rised from a good night sleep, keeps my inner strengths well managed.

As religion is a part of my life, having such wonderful and interesting people who have been incarcerated for more than a decade is a blessing; especially during the pandemic and the holidays season. Christian brothers would be among the group of people I mostly associate here in the building. I feel trusted and together and we make each other stronger in difficult times. These brothers, including myself, had put ourselves here, but over the years of doing time, we just realized that the life we once lived – robbery, stealing, dealing, even killing – isn’t helping us out at all. So we did what’s right for us and for our family back home who have been loyal and waiting for us to come back home. We turned to God.

Mom is the most important person of my life. Whenever I got a chance, I give her a call to make sure she’s ok at home. Talking to her on the phone and knowing that she’s safe and alive makes me feel strong and comforted. She and my three sisters are relieved about my life living in a good environment, and they know I handled things well.