Mixing buildings

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Chuckawalla.

UCI: What do you think would make the situation at your facility better? Like what do you think that they should do?

Caller: What they should do, I think they should stop mixing the buildings. Like they, what they need to stop doing is letting other inmates from other buildings come inside our building.

Or like people that don’t have jobs, they’re just like volunteering to come outside and work. You know, what I think they should do is make these officers really take this serious and really wear their masks, because there’re lieutenants in here that don’t even wear a mask. And say like if you have a job, and if it’s this building where I’m at, our workday is tomorrow, just let this building come out and work.

And as soon as we come in, bring them all in and let the other building come out. And for them to stay out there and let those buildings come out. Don’t let nobody, no volunteers come out and work out there because it’s all three buildings. All volunteers are coming out to together and they’re all mixing them. And they’re letting other buildings, other inmates from other buildings come inside our building. And I don’t think it’s fair because that person could be sick and get everybody sick.

What they need to do is time that up and not let nobody come in. If you don’t belong in the building, don’t come in. You know? Stay out there in your building. You know, and these officers, they’re out there like in the yard without a mask talking to inmates. You know, without a mask. And then if we don’t have a mask, they start yelling at us or they start threatening us like yeah, we’re going to give you a write up if you don’t have a mask.

But it’s okay for them to not have a mask? I don’t think it’s okay because we’re not the ones bringing in the sickness. It’s them. They’re the ones that …

You know, so they’re not taking too many things serious. They need to tying up a little more, you know.

UCI: Yeah, I agree.

Caller: That’s what I think. You know, and these officers, they think it’s kind of funny. They don’t take things too, too serious. You know?