Mixing inmates

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Solano.

I am an inmate here at CSP-Solano. Over the last three to four months, I have been testing for COVID-19 in my housing unit. At that time, all of my tests came back negative.

On the month of October and November, inmates were arriving from other institutions. They had tested positive before they left. Not all of the inmates were put on quarantine before departure from those facilities. Some were placed in my block. These prisoners arrived from Lancaster State Prison, Wasco State Prison, and Folsom State.

About December 14, 2020 I had no positive test but was removed from the building with over 100 inmates to B-Yard 7 Block medical building. The others were split up. Some went to B-Yard 9 Block, B-Yard H Unit gym, C-Yard 16 Block and C-Yard gym.

Inmates were being moved everywhere. Custody staff and the medical staff did not follow any proper COVID-19 protocol. Mixing inmates who tested positive with inmates who tested negative.

The week of December 14, 2020, I was placed in B-Yard. During the week medical staff gave me two COVID-19 tests. On December 2020, one of my tests were positive for COVID-19. On December 2020, I was informed by custody staff, not medical staff, that I tested positive and would be moving to the COVID intake building located on C-Yard.

The cell that I was given when I took my test was previously occupied by another inmate who was positive for COVID-19. Let me remind you that prior to arriving to B-Yard 7 medical building all of my COVID-19 test results were negative!

Four days after arriving to C-Yard COVID intake building, I received another COVID-19 test result dated 12-21-20. This date would be the day after they moved me to the COVID-19 intake building at C-Yard 16 building. Putting my life in even more danger because everyone in this block were considered infected with virus.

And last but not least. After spending 18 days moving all around the prison, custody staff moved me to C-Yard gym another 10 more days to another COVID-19 intake building.

At the time, I did not have COVID-like symptoms.