No law library

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chino.

But under this pandemic for the Covid 19 virus the law library requires all of my paper work for the copies for all the court to be mailed in thru institutional mail, that, I have had experience in the resent past of being lost or thrown away??? The only copies of my new evidence. The warden and the Attorney General are the “respondents” in my habeas corpus proceedings.

I have been waiting to personally go into the law library myself and to wait for the return of my copies immediately since Aug 11th 2020.

But the policies of the prison is that if your level of 100 prisoners has 1 person come down with the positive test for the virus-even though he does not show symptoms of the virus or has the virus my whole 100 prisoners are quarantined for 21-days- and during this time if another person tests positive in the 100 persons you are quarantined for another 21-days. This has been occurring since August 11, 2020 to this day not allowing me to get copies for the court and prosecution even though I have NOT been tested positive. I need a lawyer to submit my legal documents for secured access to the courts.

Because the prison is constantly bringing in new prisoners that are infected to fill the vacant cells and stopping me from ever getting off quarantine. Denying me access to the law library since Aug 11 2020!!!