Nothing but hell

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Tehachapi.

I got to say its been nothing but hell with trying to adjust to this type of enviroment not to mention with this pandemic.

I mean its kind of hard to speak up on certain issues because it gets blown out of proposition at times depending on the situation and location, and with this virus its been a mess! Its impossible to avoid contact with other inmates especially when you always have a bunkie, and the masks don’t make a difference at all because these facilities were not designed to undergo these kind of conditions.

In all honesty we are face to face everywhere we go from the bunks to the restroom to the shower and during our meals in the chow hall with the exception of the day room and yard. And its not fair because it all just gets swepted under the rug and covered up not to mention the discrimination and misconduct of some staff. Its not fair when are very lifes including that of familys are at risk!

What would be a short term sentences could prove fatal.