Overcrowded gym

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Mule Creek.

Caller: They have cots, metal bunks, some metal bunks, and the majority of these fold-out cots, a lot of the cots are broken. A lot of the cots are broken. They’ve got like rips down the middle. They was moving people in constantly that was sick, and there’s no more cots for them.

So, they’re just standing around with their property until the cops go get more cots. And we tell them, “Where are you going to put them? We’re supposed to be six feet. You’ve got dudes head to toe in here.”

UCI: So, it’s been, the gym specifically, has been overcrowded the entire time?

Caller: Yes, and it’s right now the same way. I just left on the 27th, and it’s like that right now. They gave us, the staff, the COs, they gave us this COVID because we can’t go nowhere, but yet you punish us. You take our program. You do all this stuff. But you can come to work with it? We can’t go to work. They took my job from me.