Playing life roulette

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Calipatria.

Having been responsible for destruction within my own community, both on people as well as property, I’ve come to learn over all these years all of the other life atrocities those communities faced without my help and others like me, and it is truly disheartened me, to see how devastating this virus has been to the Black community, not diminishing the fact that all communities have been effected by this. Nevertheless, disproportionally have Black and Brown folk been devastated by this pandemic.

The toll it has taking on my family, I’m sure is similar to the toll its taken on other families. Over the years I’ve grown a sort of detached mind over things that would effect regular non incarcerated people and so, outside of hoping for the continued safety and good of health of my family. I know that all I can control is my own actions and decisions, and people outside of here have to be in control likewise or else suffer the consequences if they decide to play roulette with life, liberty, or personal freedom.

If I can live with my own decisions no matter how bad many of them turned out be. Other out there need to ask theirselves can they too live with their own decisions, especially if it leads to a loved one dying as a result of said decisions.