Pounding headache

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at CIW (California Institution for Women).

So one day it was about 2:00 at night. I was knocked out asleep, I just woke up and sit up in the bed and I felt very nauseous so I ran to the bathroom and started gagging, and the [redacted] asked me was I ok, and I told him I felt ill.

So the next morning I go to the nurse’s office and she asked me what is going on. Mind you before I had went to sleep I had been crying my eyes out for hours and I had not been eating so I told the nurse that and she said that it must be stress so I told her I will try to eat something. So the next couple of days just had started to get worse for me. I had got a pounding headache and I had lost my smell, I lost weight, I was about 116 pounds. I am already a small women. I am about [redacted] and I did not like the smell of food. I couldn’t get up so I prayed to God. I asked him for help and my roommate had tested positive for the virus and they had moved all of the sick people to one dorm for recovery well, my health is back to normal I like to eat 🙂 I am [redacted] praise God and they tested me for COVID-19 and I am negative but the scary part about right now as I speak, I am at a new prison called CIW and I have only been here for [redacted] and someone had tested positive for COVID-19. I don’t not want to get sick again this pandemic cause a little trauma for me but with God by my side I will, we will, the whole world will be ok. I hope my story helps you a lot and may the blood of Jesus protect you for any illness, danger, or harm. May peace, love, and joy be with you. Bye.