Protect yourself

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Corcoran.

Caller: I’ve been dealing with it okay. I mean it’s just like just something else that’s transpiring in prison, no different from, maybe, like a prison riot and you go on lockdown and you stay locked down until the incident is resolved.

It feels something like that. You know? Just nobody knows exactly what to do, because there’s nothing you can do, except for protect yourself. You know, most of us who’ve been doing time for a while – and in these types of environments – we, pretty much, can deal with anything the system throws our way. You know? I’m around some strong-minded individuals who don’t let little things bother them. You know? They know how to adapt to a new change.

You know? It’s not really too traumatic or nothing like that. We can adjust, you know, the best way we can. A lot of us have resorted back to just, you know, being in cell, programs, like exercising and studying and things like that.

UCI: That’s good. That’s good that you guys are sort of keeping yourself busy. That’s really good, actually. And then, one last question – because I think we have like 60 seconds – is what else do you want people to know about your experience?

Caller: That everything is going to be alright – to keep their hopes up. You know? We just keep our hopes up. You got to stay prayerful in situations like this. Because you don’t know what the outcome is. And, as long as you stay prayerful, I believe that God will bring us through.