This story was told by a person incarcerated at Mule Creek.

UCI: You said, you described it as punishment. Does it feel that way?

Caller: It’s just like a punishment. We can barely go to yard. We get yard three times a week, and it’s only for a few hours. You can’t have the dayroom. They want you to stay in a cell. You only can have showers and phones and microwave. Why people can’t come out and stretch their legs? You’re only giving us so much yard a week.

UCI: What’s that?

Caller: I don’t understand it.

UCI: Oh, but what’s that doing to, that sounds really difficult. How are people coping? How are you coping with all of this?

Caller: For the most part, I try to work out and stay positive if I can, because I know not everyone is doing this intentionally. But it’s almost like they are forgetting that we’re human beings by the way that they’re going about it. They’re not trying to get our opinion on how to go about this because we have to deal with it. They come and go.

UCI: When you say “they” or “the people,” who are you, are you talking about CDCR?

Caller: Yeah, the CDC, the people that controls all this.

UCI: Is there anything that you want the people on the outside to know?

Caller: Just if they can send somebody, if you guys can get somebody to come in here and see this, specifically the gym, you would see what I’m talking about.