Quarantined 50 days

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chino.


To whom it may concern,

UCI student I’m hoping this breif letter finds you all in the very best of health and strength in YAHWEH and all your steps guided by the Holy Spirit. YAHWEH says in Him we live, move and have our being. YAHWEH is the ultimate source, substance, limits and bounds of all things.

Thank you all at UCI for caring about me, I appreciate your concerns. I’ve been incarcerated since 1994, 68 years old today. I’m divorced that happened in 2010 I still talk to my ex-wife quite often and I stay connected to my two daughters and only son. I have 6 grandsons, 2 grand-daughters and 6 great grand-children. I talk to them quite often.

There are no contact visits at this time, the prison was provided video visits if we’re not quarantined.

Once I was quarantined for about 50 days and that caused me to lose my job for one day, it was reinstated the next day. I’m second cook and I’ve been cooking in culinary for a few years. It’s good to keep busy.

Anyway, the pandemic is unsafe in this institution authorities continue to mix positive tested inmates with neg. tested inmates. This has been going on for months, matter of fact I don’t understand why I’ve not been infected, however I’m happy and glad that I’m not at this time.

In 1994 I got myself arrested. I was found guilty of the charge and sentence to 30 yrs to life under a new Three Strikes and your out Law. I didn’t have a dad in the home to be there and care for me or my brothers and sisters. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters that I grew up with, all my sisters have died, my mom as well, the men that was supposed to be my dad died as well. From an extended family my half brother died from Covid 19 and my brothers daughter also. Ive been very sad because of these deaths. I’ve spoken to various psychologists and been involved in many support groups and various other groups dealing with recovery and healing and restorative justice.

I’m undergoing massive changes in my life, and I intend to be a low risk through rescripting myself for society.

Anyway I will call your number on 12-21-20 and if you wish I will write again pertaining to any subject, more in depth.

PS. Again thank you all for caring.