Rat poop on floor

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at CIW (California Institution for Women).

On Tuesday December 8th, I was moved to that place in the prison where no one wants to come. This part of the prison is called RC. While living here in RC, the room the officers put me in was filthy! It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in over a year. There was no mattress so me and another girl that was moved here with me had to grab one from this closet and that was filthy!

I saw what looked like rat poop on the floor. The mattress was so dirty it took me 20 minutes just to clean it good enough to put on a sheet. The doctor that I saw in CTC said I was to be quarantined for two weeks which should mean that I’ll be leaving here in two days. I forgot to mention that the screen in my room has huge holes big enough for a small animal to climb in my room and my window is broken. It doesn’t close all the way. Needless to say I freeze every night.