Reckless endangerment

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Lancaster.

About a week ago I have wrote your organization about our safety here at CSP – Los Angeles, and its COVID-19 outbreak. Within a few days of my last letter, our entire yard facility went on quarantine status, that’s now over 800 inmates on full quarantine. The outbreak is massive, with already one COVID-19 confirmed inmate-related death.

Despite the outburst of COVID-19 rapidly spreading, CDCR correctional officers still remain rebellious to follow masking and physical distancing safety protocols, and ranking officers are allowing it. These officers are laughing at us as the virus spreads without a humanitarian care, it’s like a game to them to pass their work times as entertainment. They’re often poking us with cruel wise jokes and jesters to dehumanize us and to give them an excuse for their reckless and endangerment of our lives. We are being seen like cage reptiles.

Why is California government jeopardizing our lives and trying to make us contain herd immunity. Many inmates are being forced out of quarantine to work and have us come into contact with others that have been exposed to COVID-19. Officers are running their on program despite the safety protocols that should be followed.

For about several days our entire prison here in Los Angeles have been experiencing 100 inmates confirm cases of COVID-19 per day and rising. Why are we being forced to hold heard immunity and treated as entertainment for correctional officers?