Scared for my life

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chowchilla.

I was literally scared for my life in the “Dungeon of 503.” The PPE protective coverings they were wearing weren’t being properly disposed of. Sometimes they would use the red bio-hazard bags and sometimes they’d put them in our regular trash cans along with their gloves. They’d let the positive ones out of their cells to shower, use phones, kiosk machine, all after we were done with our programming for the day. Only to come out the next day to find that no form of sanitation has been done to the location of these areas other than the guards sending in the receiving inmates in orange to so call clean.

While I’m watching from my window how the inmates in orange go in the contaminated shower, get the hair out of the drain, spray 2 to 3 times with their spray bottles and walk out of the shower. I knew the so called cleaners in orange never made it over in the phones and kiosk area because the same trash and open lunch boxes, crumbs, etc. would still be there.

So when it was our program time my anxiety level would soar. Scared to leave from my cell to go shower or use the phone. I would be fearful to touch anything, so I’d go to the guards to get some disinfect. Because it seem like every time it was our program time the disinfect spray bottles would be empty. So you see just from what I’ve shared there was and is a lot of room for improvement. With the understanding on both sides about this COVID-19, “We’ve never met her before.”