Seeking release

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Vacaville.

I’m a high-risk, with underlying medical conditions such as Coccidioidomycosis/Valley Fever, severe degenerative joint arthritis, pre-diabetes, hepatitis C. Also suffering from mental health conditions. I’m filing grievances, etc… seeking release to get home to my family. My release date is some ways off, yet with help I can gain a much-deserved parole soon. If you or anyone else decides to become familiar with my struggle, you’d be surprised and blessed in more than one way. I’m a knowledgeable, positive, facilitator, life skills coach, builder, healer, and helper, lover of life and people who love life.

I’ve grown into the man I’ve always meant to be, and I need to get out there with the rest of you and do good for our society and planet. If I were to lose my life to CDCR, it would be a great waste.