So many deaths

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Chuckawalla.

Caller: I’ve seen them do some real wicked stuff in my time. But, you know, something like this, you know, I think it’s mostly acts of desperation. You know, to make themselves still look upstanding. But, you know, when all this stuff happened, you know, I watched. And just watch around and see how they, you know, kind of like made fun of the situation.

Made light of the situation, you know, like it was something to be taken lightly. But, you know, I knew it was serious because anything that’s got so many deaths, you know, I know it’s something serious, you know, because I grew up seeing death my whole life.

UCI: Yeah. Is there anything that you think, you know, they did right regarding the pandemic?

Caller: I mean the thing about it is, I mean how can you try to fix something that’s already broken? The damage is already done. So, and, there is no possible way you can just fix this unless, you know, they start administering the vaccines and things like that. But I’ve already tested positive, and I didn’t show any symptoms because I keep myself healthy enough to where, you know, but I’ve seen how it affected other people.

UCI: Were a lot of people in your yard infected when they sent those people over?

Caller: Well, when they did those mass move, and moved all those individuals from the different yards, everybody in my building had tested positive except 12 people.

UCI: Wow. How many people is that?

Caller: You were saying?

UCI: I’m sorry. Yeah, how many people was that? You were saying everyone but 12?

Caller: Yeah, it was like, it had to be at least 170 people in the building.

UCI: Oh my God.

Caller: And only 12 tested negative for the virus.

UCI: Wow. So, I’m assuming – so, you were asymptomatic, but it sounds like probably not everyone was lucky, huh?

Caller: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, you know, only thing I can do is thank God for that one.