Spreading COVID

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Centinela.

Caller: I’m calling regarding my loved one at Centinela State Prison. He actually got COVID due to negligence due to the C.O.s testing positive and still able to work. Just because they’re not showing symptoms, they were still able to work. So there was an outbreak at Centinela in November, December I believe, and my husband was one of them. Let’s see, the C.O.s aren’t wearing any masks. Let’s see, the food is being prepared by the C.O.s so they’re getting just cheese and crackers most days.

Okay and then my husband was on quarantine for almost a month, I think actually over a month. And they never retested him, the doctor just cleared him. So our whole thing is you’re just releasing people back into dorms that are- or buildings that don’t have COVID but how do you know they don’t still carry it? And it’s- I’m sure it’s still spreadable.

So that’s our whole thing. They’re not allowing phone calls certain days because they’re saying, “Oh they have to clean them,” which they’re not cleaning. The inmates are doing it themselves. They’re using their own cleaning supplies to clean the phones to make sure they’re not catching COVID because the C.O.s aren’t doing it. And that’s pretty much it.

Oh yeah and then they’re holding packages in store. I mean how are they going to eat if they’re only getting cheese and crackers. How are they gonna, you know, their immune systems, how are they gonna be strong enough to fight something as COVID? So that’s pretty much it.