Ten days for results

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Solano.

Caller: But it’s, you know, it gets kind of stressful, especially, when they put us on quarantine in those, you know – I mean the tests are good.

But it’s like I done tested five times within the last, probably, month-and-a-half. And, one time they tested, they said something happened with my test and they had to retest me. And then, they’re real mysterious about giving us our results. You know?

UCI: You don’t get them right away? Or …

Caller: Uh-uh. They take – well, when they had to test me by myself, after everybody had been tested, they said everybody was negative. It took like ten days to get the results.

And, after that, they had to retest me because they said something happened to my test. And then, I went over there, I got tested. And they did something with a liquid in the tube and shook it up. And they gave me my test within 15 minutes. But everybody else’s test is taking like up to two weeks before we get our results.

UCI: Oh, wow. Yeah. That must be hard to just be sitting and waiting to see results.

Caller: Yeah.

Yeah, it is. Yeah. That’s a lot – there’s a lot of guys get stressful about it, especially, when were at – when we were waiting to get our results back and they had us going to work still. They figured, since they put us all together, they could send us to work – which we were doing anyway. You know? Then, they got mad when we were demanding that we get our tests back. You know? And then, they started, you know, lashing out about that. Like they wanted to, you know, write people up. Protest. All we wanted was some answers to our test.

UCI: Oh, wow. So they were threatening you with a write-up just for …

Caller: Yeah.

UCI: … trying to get your test results back.

Caller: Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, that was kind of stressful. But, if you got a write- that’s because we, you know, they had us going to work. But we were going to work out of – you know, we were living in the gym, basically. And we weren’t where we usually live at in our dorm. So we were wondering what – we going to work – why we can’t go back to our dorms. So, that same day, they ended up moving us back.

UCI: How do you feel about the information you receive, in general? Does it help? Is it comforting?

Caller: I mean they’re giving us the information that we’re getting, as far as, you know, what to do and everything. It seems like the right way to do it. It seems like, by paper, it seems right. But it’s just their actions are different from what it says on papers. You know?

UCI: Mm-hmm.

Caller: Just by the way they treat us and how they’re running everything. It just doesn’t seem right, as far as that. But, as far as you see all the information – the pamphlets they’ve put out about the COVID-19 and everything – all that is, you know, it’s cool when you read it.

But, when they actually do things, what they’re supposed to be doing, it’s different.