Tent city

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chino.

Thats right back where I began only to be forced to live in a tent. There are 13 tents out here on the sports field. With portable toilets, sinks, and showers – which are mostly cold.

I’ve been housed out here since August the 26th. On Sept the 26th our tents were blown down from 50-60 mph winds. After having about 8-9 hours in the dining hall. Staff decided that we must allow them to move us back over to B yard… without our personal property – for only one night.

“Right” so 85 out of 86 men told staff that we would not go without one property. They did not like us standing up to them at all. So they gave us 30 minutes to pack up everything in the world that we own before they forcibly moved us over into cells with no power – electrical, or glass in the bars – so these cells are full of dirt and leaves; trash from miles away! My cell also had no working sink.

Our one night turned into a four day and night stay. Once we were brought back to a new “tent city” the powers decided that since we demanded not to leave without everything we own in the world, That we must search for a missing extension cord – which is 25 feet long… So the officer whos searching my property – is opening every box of soap – every toothpaste box, even letters I haven’t answered yet… After 44 minutes of having all my food opened, like 8 oz boxes of mackerel – every jar of coffee and creamer… etc etc