Tent on the yard

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chino.

I find myself wondering where to begin…

Seeing just how messed up everything here has been. chino prison and here on the A yard has been hit quite hard there with the COVID19 pandemic. We lost at least 21 deaths. We’re also experiencing a complete lack of real life saving measures here in CIW.

Staff here as well as the medics! Personal have been at odds right from the start. Personally – I’ve been tested 9 times for COVID 19. I’ve tested negatively all 9 times. So what does staff here decide I should do- is to be house over on B yard in a building which is full of positive tested men from all four yards down here – for my health they tell me – even though I’ve never tested positive for having covid 19. I must be held in quarantine status – in a building full of positive men for the covid house – once or if I survive that ordeal – I must be then housed over on C yard within a cell and not the dorm where I’ve tested negative 8 times.

“Go figure” so I’m forced to submit to the move or face a serious rule violation report. So I get house on B yard within a cell which positive men just left, for 20 days and 20 nights – to be resent right back to the same yard I left for. Only this time i must live in a tent out on the yard.