Terror story

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Chowchilla.

Dear Student UC Irvine,

Hello. I got your letter. Well for one it is very hard for people in here are very stressed out and sad. It is a terror story. People are dying of the COVID-19 and there is no helping it because there is no cure. People in here are crying depressed and stressed out. It is a shit show. Stuff is hard to do in here. Like visiting with family members and loved ones. It’s tough. It’s hard. We are trapped with this killing disease and I am afraid that I might be around it. That’s how scary it is.

We need more medical help where I come from. I hope and pray to God all this pandemic ends. And I hope we get released from prison before it’s too late. If the COVID is spreading like wildfire you got to think of the people that work here risking their lives to work at this prison. Know this disease is not a joke. It’s real and people will suffer from it. There is COVID in prison and it took less than 6 months before we starting wearing masks and it got here in prison. We need help to get out.