Testing positive

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Solano.

UCI: Yeah, and that must have been scary yourself. I mean, even if you don’t have a lot of underlying conditions, just testing positive is a scary thing, I’m sure.

Caller: Yeah, oh yeah. That’s what it is. Oh, that was a scary, I was telling my sister about that, you know, and then like, I was under the impression like, they say we don’t have to test—you test positive, we ain’t gonna do no more testing until 90 days, but, and then my buddy of mine I was talking to, he actually said, “Hey, did you test negative yet?” And I was like, “Negative yet?” And I thought about it, I mean, I know, I hear on the streets, like NFL players, if they test positive like Monday, they test them throughout the week where, you can test negative after a certain period of time, you know? But, they’re steady bringing, I don’t know how, as far as how that works, if I test positive, then if I turn around and then test negative, can I catch it again you know?

UCI: Mmhm.

Caller: And uh, that’s what I don’t understand, why we have to wait 90 days before we you know, test again. You know, so that’s if you’re coming up negative, and then they move guys in there again that are positive, you know, I don’t know the risk of me catching it again, or can I catch it again, you know.