The fog will lift

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at CMC (California Men’s Colony).

To PrisonPandemic Project,

I must say this facility got it together. CMC east even though we have had a series of outbreaks inside of here ever since, I have not caught the virus. The prison have really did a great job so far by keeping most of the population locked in our cell 24/7, and I do not have any problem with their policy. It has kept me safe and in good health. But life is all about a challenge, and I never ever ran from a challenge.

How have you been dealing and coping with this crisis? Same way I have dealt with doing these 36 years and have been standing tall through it all with Great God Almighty beside me. Thank you for sending me good thoughts and I will always keep hope alive within me.

Yes, I will continue to believe in myself. The fog will lift. You and I will get through this dark crossing. Know that we share the same traits. We share and encourage bonds of kinship that stretch across race, religion, and ethnicity. We are connected to each others by a union of heart and mind. Thank you so much for showing me your love and understanding towards our crisis.

Best wishes always!

Thank you.