The shape shifters

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Calipatria.

We here know the importance of wearing mask, washing hands and keeping safe distance from others. Of course this isn’t a guaranteed remedy in avoiding the virus. However, it has been “scientifically” proven to be an effective measure to keep one’s self safe. Unfortunately, many people here have been plagued by this virus as a result of many incompetent personnel here who failed to take precaution personally, and as such, 100s of prisoners have been effected by this.

My own personal safety is something I protect until the death if need be. But there isn’t enough defense in the world to go round with COVID, but aside from that, my only goal is to continue staying focused and never lose sight on protecting my self here, now, and forever as it seem people in certain segments of society has decided all this COVID stuff is and was fake, and mask are for the “shape shifters,” and so it would appear that those people’s goals are to keep COVID around for as long as possible.